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BIProductSales - Sage 50 Accounts Product Sales table

Posted by Hugh Johnson on 18-Apr-2018 17:28:56

Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for Power BI

This article describes the BIProductSales table in the Suntico Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for tools like Microsoft Power BI.  This table is derived from a number of underlying Sage 50 Accounts ODBC tables and provides details of all of the sales transactions created through the Sales Orders or Invoices & Credits modules in Sage 50.  It is essentially the INVOICE and INVOICE_ITEM tables from Sage 50 with some further enrichments, for example to include gross margin of a transaction line item.

This table is essential if you want to analyse sales and margin by product code over time.

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Topics: ODBC, Power BI Desktop, OData, sales invoices, product sales, sales orders

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