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BICategories - Sage 50 Accounts Nominal Categories

Posted by Hugh Johnson on 19-Apr-2018 15:07:06
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Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for Power BI

This article describes the BICategories table that forms part of the Suntico Sage 50 Accounts OData feed for that you have set up as one of your Power BI data sources.  This table provides a list of all of the nominal categories for each chart of accounts that you have defined in Sage 50 Accounts.

This table is essential if you want to perform profit & loss or balance sheet analysis at the nominal account (nominal code) category level.

BICategories table


Column Type Description
CategoryID Whole Number Unique ID
Category Text Category number (e.g. 4 = "Overheads")
Chart Whole Number Chart of Accounts reference
SortOrder Whole Number Sort order for display in reports
Name Text Category name e.g. "Motor Expenses"
High Text Upper bound for nominal accounts
Low Text Lower bound for nominal accounts

BICategories relationships

The BICategories table in the OData feed is related to the BICharts table as shown below.


BICategories table relationships in Sage 50 Accounts


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