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Power BI Adoption By Country

Posted by Hugh Johnson on 29-Aug-2018 07:03:04
Hugh Johnson
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Microsoft does not publish figures for Power BI adoption by country.  I am not surprised, but it is something that I wanted at least some kind of feel for to help me plan the development and roll-out of Suntico BI.  So as a proxy for relative adoption rates by country, I looked at monthy Google search volume per capita for the term "Power BI".  I picked a few mature English-speaking countries for which Power BI would have been available for the same length of time, and that for various reasons were countries that we were interested in targeting for our service.  The results are below.

Google search volume per capita for "Power BI"

This also matches what we see today in Google Trends:2018-08-29 06_38_02-Untitled - Power BI Desktop


It seems that imterest, and therefore perhaps adoption rates, in Power BI varies dramatically by country.  This is not surprising since adoption of a new service is a very practical, human-driven, activity affected local people and events.  What would have surprised me was how far behind many coutries the USA is, except that this matches my own experience monitoring inbound traffic to our own website.

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