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Connect Power BI to Sage 50 Accounts - Part 1 of 4

Posted by Hugh Johnson on 02-Apr-2018 19:45:59
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Prepare Sage 50 for connection to Power BI via Suntico

This blog describes part one of a four-part process to connect Power BI to Sage 50 using the Suntico BI service. 

1. Check the version of your Sage 50 system and companies

Check the version of your Sage 50 Accounts and company data file(s) that you want to connect to.  Open Sage 50 Accounts on the machine where you intend to install the Suntico BI connector and check that the company you want to connect to is in the list and that it is marked as v23 or higher. 

Checking your Sage 50 Accounts version

2. Set up a user in Sage 50 Accounts for the Suntico BI Connector

How to set up a new user in Sage 50 AccountsThe Suntico BI connector takes up a Sage 50 Accounts user, so you will need to add a new user to Sage for each company that you want to connect to. 

To do this, login to each Sage company and go to Setttings > Access Rights and select New.

It is here that you will define the connector as a user for Sage 50 Accounts with access rights to that particular company (in this example Best Wholesale Limited).

The connector can link to several companies in Sage 50 and it is here in the Settings section for each company that you are setting up a username and password for the connector.



3. Enable 3rd Party Integration

If you are running Sage 50 Accounts 24.1 or above, you no longer need to do this step.  If not and you have not already done this step for other 3rd party products then in Sage 50 just go to Tools > Activation > Enable 3rd Party Integration.

Sage 50 Accounts Enable 3rd Party Integration
You will be asked for a serial number and activation key which depends whether you have Sage 50 v23 or v24 as follows:

Sage Version Serial Number Activation Key


4. Video instructions

Here is a video showing all three of these things that you need to do to set up Sage 50 Accounts for connection with Power BI via Suntico.


4. Next create your Suntico BI trial account

Now that you have your Sage 50 Accounts system ready to connect to Power BI, the next thing to do is to create your Suntico BI Trial account.

Still not sure?  Well why not take a look at this demo?

Take a look at this Power BI demo with Sage 50


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